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Founded 2012.

We, PX Galaxy Studio, are Web development company that has been established in 2012 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA.

Since that time, due to the quality of our services and high-end applications that we provide, company evolved into company that counts over 25 employees.

We offer services in many IT areas and those include: Creative Web Designing, Responsive Web Development, Custom CMS, Mobile Applications (both iOS and Android), PHP (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Yii, Drupal, etc.), Google App Engine, and others.

The PX Difference…

Considering the rapid technology development we are very proud here in PX to be up to date with all of the major changes, and we tend to offer websites, applications and software of next generation with each of the breakthroughs in the IT sector.

This is only one of the reasons for top quality website & software that we provide to our clients. We consider ourselves lucky to be part of this fast growing industry and that we are able to respond to each change in IT sector.

Another reason for success of our company is that we take each project very seriously and try to do 110% whether the costs and income are low or high.

About Team

Our employees are all educated individuals that are on their positions because they deserved it by hard work and by the knowledge that they possess. One of their main advantages is that they have great cooperation and that they work very well in teams.

Our approach to every project is very professional and serious and there is no room for possible mistakes or flaws since the risks are evaluated at the very beginning of the project. We tend to do whatever you want with high quality and in the pre agreed time constraint.

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For over 5+ years, we have
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Since our inception in 2012, PX Galaxy Studio has been providing IT Web Design & Development services to clients worldwide. Now it's almost 5 years since we are providing quality and highly competitive website services.

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